Suspected brown sugar recovers during surprise checking of vehicle at Basar

LONGDING, Mar 1: Two packets of suspected brown sugar were recovered from the possession of one vehicle (Maruti S-Persso) bearing registration No. AR-18-3113 during a surprise check at zero-point tinali at Pongchau village by the Women Society group of Pongchau village at Basar.

The persons boarded were Lempo ponglaham of village Russa (Kanubari), Awin Nokboham of village Luaksim (Kanubari), Chingnyai Jokkam of village Bonia, Posen Kongkang of village Lazu, Tirap district and Marpi Bam of Basar, Leparada district

An FIR was lodge under PCH PS C/No. 01/2023 u/s 21 (b) NDPS Act to the Pongchau Police station Longding district on February 26, 2023 by Anai Dokkam, and two other members of women society.

“At around 6 PM, a group of Women Society from Pongchau village has conducted a surprise check at zero-point tinali at Pongchau village and the above referred case has been registered and taken up for investigation,” a police report said.

During the investigation, complainant and available witnesses were examined and their statement were recorded. All the five named accused were arrested, interrogated, and produced in the court of JMFC Longding.

Out of five arrested accused one alleged accused namely Marpi Bam has been released on PR bond on being found innocent in the offence.

The other remaining four accused were remanded to judicial custody.

Two packets of suspected brown sugar weighing 23.43 gms along with the involved vehicle (Maruti S-Presso) B/Regn No. AR-18-3113 were seized on being produced by complainant and team in presence of Executive Magistrate Pongchau.

The seized drugs materials were forwarded to the Court for seen and a sample exhibit of drugs (suspected brown sugar) collected in presence of JMFC Longding which was packed and sealed for further sending to CFSL for necessary examination.

The accuseds person involved were Lempo ponglaham, 45 years, S/o M Ponglaham from Russa village (Kanubari), Awin Nokboham, 34 years, S/o. Kairong Nokboham from Luaksim (Kanubari) village, Chingnyai Alias Atoh Jokkam 24 years, S/o. Lt Hungkap Jokkam from Boni village, Posen Kongkang, 37 years, D/o Lt. S. Kongkang from Lazu village, Tirap district.

“The investigation of the case is almost completed. However, the case is just pending for sending of exhibit sample to CFSL for examination,” a police report said.

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