Flash floods created havoc in the capital complex

ITANAGAR, JULY 13 : The flash flood on Tuesday morning has created havoc in the entire capital complex and has created untold suffering to the general public of the entire capital complex.

Flash floods created havoc in the capital complex

The Capital Disaster Management officer (DDMO) Incharge Tem Kaya informed that due to heavy downpour and flash flood several parts of the capital complex has witnessed a trail of devastation which include landslide, flood, road blockage. Several local residents of several colonies have received mudslides and several houses have been partially damaged. Kaya said.

“ I have visited in several parts of capital complex which include Jully-Chimpu area where 11 KV power supply was damaged and disrupted and Power deptt was accordingly informed to take necessary action, the road of the Niya colony in NIti VIhar area was also blockage and the PWD department has been informed about to to take necessary action”. He said.

Due to flash flood few houses in Modirijo have also been affected and as per information three houses have been partially damaged, a report of cattle which include pig and goat has been washed away in Modirijo river early this morning. The road of Modirijo has also been damaged and several vehicles were stranded till late evening. DDMO said.

In NIrjuli, the approach road in Rayo colony has also been disrupted due to landslides triggered by heavy downpour and earth cutting in the upper ridge earlier this month; the mudslide has damaged a few local residents early this morning. He said.

In Lekhi area, the flash flood has also created havoc among the local resident and as per information several residents were inundated under the flood water, the flood water has submerged several houses in Lekhi Khoto village, Lekhi-III and Bage Tinali area and due to which several household property has been damaged. He added.

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