Few big and old trees tilting towards roads were threatening the life and property of commuters has been cut down as a safety measures

NAHARLAGUN, MAY 15: Few big and old trees which were tilted towards roadside and were posing serious threat to the commuters and were dangerous for the life and property of the commuters were cut down. Informed Naharlagun Executive Magistrate Likah Radh.

Radh inform that there were lots of complaints with regards to few trees located on roadside of National Highway-415 at A Sector in Naharlagun and few commuters has already faces some problems as few branches have fallen over them and got injured. Since the tree is huge and half of the root of the tree has been uprooted and almost tilted on road and some occasion the big trucks/lorry stuck few portion of the trees and is a dangerous scene. He said.  it was necessary that the tree to be cut down and pave way for smooth traffic flow on the national highway and after proper confirmation and approval of the forest department with the help and support of Highway department it was possible to cut down without any difficulty and obstruction to other trees in the locality and without any loss or damages of nearby. Radh said.

Meantime, the workers has also trim few trees in the vicinity as few of them were in very dangerous position  and about to touch the HT/LT power line passing through the roadside and other service lines. Radh added.

Today being Saturday and we are passing in the containment zone due to Covid 19 pandemic and it was possible that we have been able to do the work otherwise it was next to impossible to do the said work to divert the huge traffic flow and other on normal days. Radh further said.

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