38 dwelling gutted in devastating fire mishap at IG Park near C-1 Sector, victims seek relief and help

ITANAGAR, MARCH 26 : In a devastating fire mishap at IG Park near C-I Sector in city in wee hours 38 family has rendered homeless while more than 38 dwelling has been gutted in the mishap. 

Victims inform that dozens of gas cylinder got blast which increase the flame and almost all the dwelling houses including the OBT, SPT and MIBT houses turned into ash. Almost all the household belongings, food stuffs, clothings, other ornaments and ration items got burned and completely damaged. Now they are homeless and no home without food items and other essential items and seek help and support from administration and government and well wishers and NGOs. Due to no proper excess for the emergency and fire brigade it was delayed the fire brigade to reach to the spot and till such time almost all the dwelling gutted. 

Itanagar local MLA Techi Kaso alongwith local leaders who visited the spot and interacted the fire victims and provided financial support and few other essential items. He shared his experiences and problems and challenges during the such emergency situation. 

Speaking to media, MLA Kaso inform that though several parts of capital complex are under his assembly constituency and the roads are being converted into CC Pavement. Few remaining portion will be taken up and earnestly requested the city dwellers to give way for proper construction of the road in sector and colony. 

Though now the people are educating themselves and their  wards and becoming intelligent and gaining knowledge and they are also supporting the development but few are still like of older days created hindrances and obstruction to the development so it is necessary that in case of such disaster the only needed is support either form the fire and emergency services, fire brigade, ambulances, Police, SDRF, NDRF etc. Time has come that everyone should know the problem have to face in time to come so be intelligent and wise and always try to help each other so that other can extend help and support to you also. Said Kaso.

“ I would like to appeal all likeminded people of capital complex to come forward and extend helping hand during such emergency to ht needy people.” Added MLA Kaso.

IMC Corporater Yukar Yaro who since morning was trying hard with her team of Ward Members and locals to help the needy people and victims. 

Corporater Yukar Yaro inform the media that whatever was possible form her end was given to the fire victims. I was expecting they they may go to relief camp at Government middle school but they did not shift the reason best known to them. Even though I have done my duty with a responsibility as a Corporater to extend helping hand and support in the hour of crisis. She said.

Since they lost all the clothes and also raining so to continue with night I feel that blanket will be much helpful to them and to buy some essential items I have extended some financial help to all of them. Added IMC Corporater Yukar Yaro.

The youth committee of IG Park also join the team of helping hand to the fire victim and with the support of IMC Deputy Mayor Biri Basang they provided ration items which include 19 bags of rice with few bags of potato and mustard oil etc. 

Later in afternoon the Arunachal Pradesh building and other construction workers welfare board (APB&OCWWB) Chairman and MLA Nyato Dukam also visited the fire incident site at IG Park near C-I sector and interacted the victims.

Speaking to media, the APB&OCWWB Chairman Nyato Dukam inform that whatever the reason of fire accident but it is the hour of crisis and I was preoccupied in other programme and was out of station and as the information office accident come to me. I am here to meet the victims. He said.

The local MLA and other well-wishers and NGOs who has been supporting the victims during the hour of need dare praise worthy. I have also directed my officers who will visit on Monday morning and chock out a small plan to help the victim and I will also visit tomorrow morning to provide them some essential items of their use. The APB&OCWWB Chairman Nyato Dukam added.

I have spoken to Relief and disaster management advisor who will also visit and will try to provide some help and support from the department. 

As per information received from the Capital administration an immediate relief from the district disaster management authority DDMO Moromi Sonam has deposited to the account of fire victims of 25 of forest deptt and 8 victims of PWD department. 

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